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Herbert Studeny Sr. (born in 1941) has completely converted the small, mixed-farm operation handed over by his father Franz Studeny in 1960 to viticulture and wine trade. Mainly catering establishments in Vienna, Upper Austria and Salzburg were supplied. In 1986 the focus was on quality and mainly fruity white wines in 0.75 l bottles. Since then we have been able to collect many national and international successes at tastings and wine fairs (including 14 times in the Austrian Wine Salon). In 2002 Herbert Studeny jun. took over the 12 hectare winery from his parents. After completing his HBLA and BA in viticulture and fruit growing in Klosterneuburg, his training led him to various internships with top winemakers in the Wachau, Neusiedlersee, Weinviertel, California, Alsace and Australia. After this time he attended the diploma seminar of the Austrian Wine Academy in Rust (WSET Diploma in Wine in Spirits), which he unfortunately could not complete due to lack of time - in any case, he has extensive knowledge in all areas of the world of wine including an excellent tasting training appropriated.


Herbert Studeny jun. with his partner Gertrud Greilinger, his parents and a few employees, he manages 16 hectares of vineyards, mainly at the foot of the Manhartsberg in the picturesque, historic wine town of Obermarkersdorf (Hollabrunn district, Lower Austria, Austria).

Our main goal is to bring the typicality of the location, the climate, the soil and the geology into the wine glass as unadulterated as possible. The cool down winds of the Manhartsberg, the crystalline primary rock soils and the old vines have a strong influence on our single-site wines - and in the best case, you should find that authentically in the wine.

An important principle in the cultivation of our vineyards is the considerate treatment of the soil and nature. The aim is to create a natural balance between the soil and the vine, the conversion to organic farming will take place by the end of 2023. For this purpose, we use, for example:  

  • a species-rich mix of greenery to activate soil life

  • horse manure as food for the soil organisms and natural fertilizer for the vines and the greening plants

  • no insecticides and herbicides (glyphosate)

When processing grapes, we make use of natural gravity to get the grapes into the wine press as gently as possible. With healthy grapes, a certain maceration time is important to us in order to bring aroma and structure into the wine.

Since the 2020 vintage, we have only been using the natural yeasts that are on the grapes (spontaneous fermentation) for our white single-site wines. That brings us more individuality and structure in the wines. We also like to leave our wines on the fine lees for a long time, which gives the wine more structure, harmony and creaminess.

All of these factors give our wines great aging potential - and their unique, unadulterated taste! 


Committed to tradition

Our wine philosophy

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