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In the middle of the Weinviertel, embedded in the Retzer Land and the immediate vicinity of the wine town of the same name, Herbert Studeny is already running his winery in the third generation. The winemaker clearly focuses on white wine, as he has achieved great fame with wines typical of the area, such as the Grüner Veltliner Atschbach and the Sauvignon Blanc Sündlasberg. What many do not know: 25 percent of the area under cultivation is reserved for red wine. It is this very hidden passion of the winemaker that makes many Studeny fans regularly come to Obermarkersdorf.  

Discover our mineral wines from the Manhartsberg slopes in the western Weinviertel (Lower Austria). The bedrock is granite, the weathered primary rock soils, that results, gives our wines an exciting acid structure and liveliness!

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Recommendations for single vineyard wines

The wines in Herbert Studeny's range are not bursting with strength, but inspire with their fruit-focused grace and wealth of nuances. "I am pleased that my wines are particularly convincing due to their finesse and elegance, because the focus should be on the fineness of the aromas".  

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